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We are looking for team players who are familiar with terms such as "Scrum" and "DevOps". In return, we create the ideal conditions for balancing work and leisure time.


At DONAT IT, it is expressly desired that every employee attends one or two training courses per year. The training should have something to do with your day-to-day work or enhance it. Training for your general working life is welcome. These include, for example, courses on project management, DevOps training, further training to become a Scrum Master or attending ITIL training courses.


  • Foto Mitarbeiter Sabrina
    After my dual studies, I decided to stay with DONAT IT. As part of the team, I experience appreciation and mutual growth on an equal footing every day. The atmosphere in the team is great - we laugh together, share wonderful moments and learn from each other.
    Digital Business Managerin
  • Foto Mitarbeiter Melanie
    I received a very warm welcome from all my colleagues. As a result, I quickly felt at home and was able to familiarize myself with the varied tasks from different areas. There is also a great deal of trust on the part of the management. The interaction within the team is great. And an absolute highlight is that I can bring my dog into the office with me.
  • Daniel Mitarbeiterzitate
    In our company, everyone always helps everyone as much as they can. This collective unity enables us to find a suitable solution for every challenge. With the right mix of the necessary enthusiasm for the task at hand, the appropriate composure, cheerfulness and friendliness, we employees at DONAT IT fulfill all the requirements for an absolutely pleasant working atmosphere and are particularly proud of it!
  • Foto Mitarbeiter Yasemin
    After completing my studies, I decided to work for DONAT IT. As a newly qualified IT consultant, the collegial working environment supports me and I was taught the art of project management in the IT sector. It is possible to maintain a good work-life balance here. The work is multifaceted for me and therefore never boring. I feel very comfortable in my team.
    IT-Business Consultant
  • Foto Mitarbeiter Daniela
    I received a warm welcome at Donat IT GmbH and after just a few weeks I was given a responsible position with a wide range of project activities. I can already say that the cooperation and communication throughout the company is open and informal. A mutual basis of trust was created directly. I am looking forward to future projects, exciting discussions and new experiences at Donat IT GmbH. #communication is the key
    IT-Business Consultant
  • Foto Mitarbeiter Markus
    My time at DONAT IT began with an apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development. I then specialized primarily in BI consulting. I have the opportunity to work very independently and on my own responsibility and I particularly appreciate the flexible working hours and the option of mobile working to maintain a good work-life balance.
    BI Consultant
  • Silhouette Person
    I have been working at Donat IT for over 11 years. The focus here is still on people. It is not uncommon for colleagues to become friends. I think the flat hierarchies are very good and you always meet at eye level. And when the working day gets turbulent, there is always time to chat with other colleagues. I personally like the flexible working hours and mobile working the most.
  • Silhouette Person
    Flexitime and working from home make it possible to organize my everyday life more flexibly, which promotes both my professional productivity and my personal well-being.
  • Foto Mitarbeiter Joachim
    Even after so many years, I'm still learning new things. I work in support and help users with technical questions. Training users is also part of my job. I feel comfortable in my team and get on well with my colleagues.
  • Foto Mitarbeiter Alexandra
    I particularly enjoy working in a team that has the same expectations and goals for my work as a supporter. My daily work is so varied that I keep my mind moving and therefore never get bored.
  • Foto Mitarbeiter Sabine
    It's fun to work with such a great team, every colleague is different and can use their strengths with us. I particularly like the fact that I am challenged and encouraged at Donat IT.
  • Foto Mitarbeiter Luis
    The decision to start my training at DONAT IT was encouraged by the friendly and helpful attitude of everyone. Even during my internship and on my trial day, I noticed the lively cooperation between the employees. The work-life balance is also a well-developed aspect of the company. There are also interesting and varied subject areas and practical work that I have become familiar with during my apprenticeship so far.
    Auszubildender als Fachinformatiker für Anwendungsentwicklung
  • Foto Mitarbeiter Manuel
    In my work at DONAT IT, many doors are open to me to work with a wide variety of exciting technologies and to develop myself further as a software engineer. The open and helpful staff also make the work a lot of fun. Mutual appreciation is very important here and input from all sides is welcome. This makes you feel very involved and you don't just see yourself as a simple employee, but as part of the process
  • Silhouette Person
    I have been working at DONAT IT for several years now and am always looking forward to new tasks and challenges. The atmosphere in the team is great and the working time model is really flexible.
  • Foto Mitarbeiter Christian
    What I like about my work as a developer is that you can work with different technologies and constantly develop yourself further. Good cooperation within the team and with the customer means that professional and technical knowledge is shared and deepened.
  • Foto Mitarbeiter Anton
    During my training, I was able to gain valuable insights into various areas of the company. The support from my trainer, who was always available to answer questions and optimally prepared all trainees for their exams, also deserves a positive mention. As an employee, I particularly appreciate the teamwork, as we help each other when working on projects and all communicate with each other as equals.
  • Foto Mitarbeiter Lucas
    After my training as an IT specialist for application development, I started a permanent position as Change Manager at DONAT IT. My daily work in the project is varied and versatile. I think the opportunity to chat with colleagues over a game of table football or table tennis is great.
    Change Manager
  • Foto Mitarbeiter Sebastian
    It was really easy for me to decide in favor of DONAT IT at the time, as I really enjoyed both the interview and the subsequent taster day. All my colleagues made me feel very welcome and I felt at home here from day one. I particularly like the helpful and friendly way we interact with each other, which makes the familiarization phase much easier.