Schreibtisch mit Smartphone und DONAT IT Slogan "We create IT, we run IT, we love IT".


We run IT. We get your IT project up and running. Fast, reliable and in the best possible quality. For each project, we put together a team of people with the necessary expertise. It is one of our strengths to work across departments and bring together expertise from different teams. This is how we guarantee that our customers receive the best service. We are a medium-sized company and just big enough for everyone to know everyone else. This makes it easy for us to share our knowledge and transfer it to new projects. With us, you can be sure that your IT project will run smoothly.


We create IT. We want to help shape the world of information technology. Everything we create should help our customers to make the world a better place. IT systems support development, production, administration, personnel management and many other areas in all sectors. Data volumes are constantly increasing and solutions are needed so that we can use the data efficiently. This is where we come in. We develop systems, provide support during implementation and help employees to use the systems correctly. Ultimately, the systems make day-to-day work easier. This enables our customers to reach their destination quickly and safely.


We love IT. We admit it: IT sounds like a dry subject to many people. Not so with us: we love what we do and are wholeheartedly committed to it. And we have our values to thank for the fact that we have come this far. They help us to work together in a friendly manner and achieve optimum performance. That doesn't mean that we all behave perfectly all the time. After all, we are not computers! Rather, our values are a guideline that we keep in mind, especially when things are not going so well.


  • 1980Foundation

    Hans Donat sen. founds DONAT GmbH as a service partner for consumer electronics products.
  • 1998Successor

    Hans Donat jun. joins the management of Donat GmbH. The company grows to include the IT Services division.
  • 2001Automotive Start

    The project business in the automotive sector begins (1st & 2nd level support).
  • 2005DONAT IT GmbH

    Hans Donat jun. founds DONAT IT GmbH and spins off the IT Services division to it.
  • 2008-2012Development

    DONAT IT GmbH is expanding its business areas to include support for production-related host systems, support and development for Microsoft SharePoint as well as project services, project marketing and release communication.
  • 2015DONAT group

    Softvision GmbH and DONAT IT GmbH continue to specialize as subsidiaries. Hans Donat junior founds DONAT group GmbH as the holding company. Ediba Hastor becomes Managing Director of DONAT IT GmbH.
  • 2019Data Respons

    DONAT group GmbH becomes a subsidiary of the Norwegian company Data Respons ASA. This will enable the company to position itself even more broadly and effectively in its service segment. The DONAT group will merge with its subsidiaries to form DONAT IT GmbH in 2020. As part of a takeover, Data Respons becomes Akkodis.