With digitalization, we are seeing that companies need more and more complex IT projects. It is therefore important to analyze and further develop IT processes. As part of our analysis, we graphically depict your processes and present the findings. We use this to design a customized concept for your project. It is a matter of course for us to involve you as a customer right from the start.

We are IREB-certified in requirements management and therefore know how to deal with requirements. We clearly illustrate the relationships between the functions of your software. The question of system boundaries is relevant - where does my system begin and which areas no longer belong to it? This is particularly interesting for interfaces to other systems. Later, we take user requirements and bundle them according to specialist areas. It is important to us that we are in constant contact with our specialist contacts. They know best what their software needs. When we implement the requirements, we try to involve all reference groups, the so-called stakeholders - so that in the end the best system is created for your company!
Customized software is a prerequisite for the success of your company. Based on state-of-the-art architectures and technologies as well as automated and high test coverage, we develop an innovative software solution that meets your requirements.

We develop customized software in a classic and agile way, for cloud and self-hosted environments. We also take on the conception and development of mainframe technologies. Our team of consultants and developers with in-depth specialist and process knowledge takes into account all individual and industry-specific requirements for your software solution.

Join us in laying the foundations for sustainable value creation using state-of-the-art, high-performance customized software and get your company ready for the digital future.
Systematic test management is important to ensure that IT operations run smoothly. Without test management, system failures and faulty workflows occur more frequently. We check whether your software fulfills all the desired functions correctly, whether we can improve the performance of the software (performance tests) and also involve users in the test phase (user tests).

We have already developed our own tools for test management, create methods to suit the project and take over existing tests. As part of model-based testing, we generate test cases that describe the target behavior of a system. We can use automatic tests to check whether changes to the software affect certain functions. This is also important for regression tests that repeatedly check the same functions. We are ISTQB and TISAX certified.
Launching a new system in a company or developing it further requires know-how and knowledge sharing. At the same time, it is important that the development and operations teams work closely together to ensure that the transition to the new system runs smoothly. Especially in the classic IT process, i.e. when IT teams do not develop in an agile manner, information is lost between the groups involved.

This is exactly where the rollout and release manager comes in. He discusses rollout and release plans with all those involved, i.e. customers, developers, the operations team and third-party providers. He checks whether all requirements are described completely and sufficiently and clarifies the interfaces. He sets up and maintains system environments and coordinates the installation in test or production environments. A rollout and release manager also takes care of software deployment, i.e. the processes for installing and configuring software on PCs and servers.

In summary, the rollout and release manager is the link between all parties involved in an IT process. Together with the "Communication and Training" department, he creates transparency for users, developers and the operations team so that everyone remains fully informed about changes to a system.
Anyone who uses IT systems knows that users always have questions about the functions and procedures in the system. In the event of system failures or maintenance work, they need to be informed so that they can plan their work accordingly. That's what our Service Support is for. Behind an efficient telephone system are competent, friendly employees who support users at agreed service times.

We are ITIL-certified in IT service management. We know the standard processes in service support and are constantly improving our services (CSI - Continual Service Improvement). Our focus is on second-level support; we expect our employees to have real specialist knowledge. You need to understand the purpose and functions of the software. This is the only way they can clearly communicate to users how the system works. It is then easy for us to manage third-party solutions and provide support for them.

In our support consulting, a close, personal relationship with the customer is very important to us. We explain our approach transparently and receive direct feedback from project managers etc. This allows us to communicate directly and find solutions together quickly. We also document our services so that customers can see at a glance what they get from us and how much their users benefit from it.
The amount of data in companies continues to increase. At the same time, they are becoming more complex. This makes it difficult to maintain an overview and use them for your own success. Times, costs, quantities and services rendered are just a few examples of such data. If you have the flood of information under control, it helps you to optimize processes, save costs, make decisions, comply with legal requirements and make valid predictions.

We present your data clearly and transparently in the reporting system. We collect raw data, calculate meaningful key figures and create charts and tables. Depending on your requirements, your reports can be structured statically, for example as a PDF, or dynamically. This means that we transfer the key figures into a system that keeps the graphics and figures constantly up to date. You can set up your own dashboard here and filter according to specific data. This means you always have an overview of the figures that are important to you. Alternatively, we focus on the target group that ultimately needs the information.

We support you in introducing a reliable reporting system and advise you on data analysis and integration. We create a suitable concept for you, implement the project and then maintain the reports.
With a new system or new functions, users have questions: What will change for me? Where do I have to click now? And why is the new software better than the old one?

We create practical training courses including concepts and documents. Here, users not only learn new information about the system, but also get to know contact persons and can ask questions. That gives them security. Our trainers specialize in IT projects and quickly familiarize themselves with new software. We are happy to take care of training management: training registrations, participant administration, time and room organization, attendance confirmations and more.
IT projects change the habits of employees, customers and other reference groups, the so-called stakeholders. With a new system or new functions, questions arise: What will change for me? Where do I have to click now? And why is the new software better than the old one?

Communication is the only way to make IT projects tangible and understandable for all stakeholders. IT in particular is often complicated for people from other specialist areas. We help them to understand and accept change. Users then enjoy working efficiently with the new system and see it as progress.

How do we do that? We use our communication knowledge. We analyze your project with the help of a concept, define goals and stakeholders and prioritize them. This results in various measures that provide stakeholders with factual and timely information: Newsletters, information events, marketing campaigns and much more. Release communication is a special area in which we regularly inform users about new functions in the system. We attach great importance to presenting all information in a clear and interesting way - with graphics, videos or podcasts. If you wish, we can create your own project design that gives your project recognition value.