Trial Management
and Homologation

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The development of new vehicle models entails numerous tests and system adjustments. These are carried out on the prototypes. Our experts support you in the area of ​​change and testing management.

In order for new types of vehicles to be approved by the authorities, they must comply with the country-specific regulations and laws. The Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) is a new measurement procedure to test exhaust emissions, fuel and electricity consumption from motor vehicles. The work of our specialists begins with a thorough examination of the requirements for homologation vehicles. Then they draw up a plan for the type test and accompany it in a documentary manner.

What distinguishes us as experts in the field of trial management and homologation?

We take care organization of organizing the test environment, upgrade your vehicles and accompany all tests with an operational fleet management - so that you can test what your vehicle is capable of.

In order to reach your goal faster, we take care of the managing all the homologation process steps.

  • Comprehensive service in the field of change and testing management
  • Accompanying all tests with operational fleet management
  • Examination of the requirements for homologation vehicles
  • Planning the type-approval test
  • Detailed documentation of the tests

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We live trial management and homologation.