Process Consulting and
Requirement Management

Reach your goals

With a well thought-out process schedule, we can get your IT project safely from start to finish. We advise you in detail about the correct process execution and support you effectively with process management. With advice, deed and years of experience in the field of multi-project management, we ensure that your IT project is a success.

In requirement management, we record all your functional requirements in a requirement model and bundle them professionally. At the same time, we work with you to develop the non-functional requirements. We derive UML diagrams from your requirements in text form and thus enable you to clearly depict relationships between various functions and activities of your software. By coordinating the relevant stakeholders, the system boundaries and the system context can be efficiently defined.

What distinguishes us as process experts?

Our many years of experience with industrial IT processes in the automotive sector create valuable synergies in process management.

We work hand-in-hand with our customers and work out their wishes and goals together from the start of the project - for a fast and unerring success.

  • Creation of a process schedule
  • Process management support
  • Recording and bundling of functional requirements in the requirement model
  • Representation of the requirements in a UML model

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