Marketing and Training

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Turn those affected into participants - because this is the key to successfully introducing and establishing your software for users and at the same time strategically securing your project success. We create an individual design for you to increase the recognition value of your software and to involve your target group right from the start of your project.

Successful communication also includes role- and department-specific training to increase the motivation and security of your employees when using the new software. Practical software training is an important milestone for user acceptance of the software and thus a lever that decides on the success of the entire project.

What distinguishes us as marketing and training experts?

A successful release of software is part of a successful software rollout. For this purpose, we prepare target group-specific information and make it available within the project. We also organize information events and establish sustainable new communication measures. This is how you motivate your target groups to safely deal with future changes.

We create an individual training concept for you. In addition to the creation of training documents, we plan and organize regular follow-up training for you on request. Your employees will be introduced to the new software step by step and will be happy to work with the new applications. Well trained, they recognize the added value of the software for their own work and can work with it effectively and efficiently.

  • Creation of target group-specific marketing and training concepts
  • Development and implementation of individual communication measures
  • Organization of role and department-specific training
  • Creation of user-friendly training documents

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