Success needs inspiration

As an IT service provider with high business dynamics, we pursue ambitious goals. Clear strategies are needed to achieve these. One of these strategies is: Only those who constantly develop and produce innovations that are above average will assert themselves on the market in the long term.

Our vision

The big picture at a glance: Our vision is to develop ourselves into one of the leading IT service providers in the whole German-speaking area. Our reliability, professionalism and high quality standards are important factors here. Perhaps our most valuable feature: As a company with several IT partner companies, we operate a holistic IT that offers all services from a single source - an added value that our customers repeatedly appreciate.

Our mission

On the way to new shores: Our mission is “Innovation". With a lot of passion for technological progress and holistic solutions we do real pioneering work in the field of IT every day. As an example, in cooperation with our partner Virtual Innovation Forum Ingolstadt we support new developments in the area of ​​the virtual future in our region. In order to keep the innovative power of DONAT IT at a consistently high level, we are constantly pushing ahead with the establishment and expansion in our group of companies and always aligncurrent structures with growth and future requirements. Our employees are always in focus as they are our central success factor and they the driving force behind all of our successes.

Our goals

Only those who have clear goals know the direction. As a company that wants to continue to convey a lot of dynamism and innovative spirit to the outside world, we set ourselves clear goals for the near and distant future: We want to achieve healthy, continuous and sustainable growth. We would like to further expand our excellent customer structure in the automotive sector. Additionally we would like to extend the knowledge transfer of our broad IT know-how to other industrial sectors.

Culture of Values

Our corporate values ​​are the basics for sustainable success. We orientate ourselves accordingly in our day-to-day activities and in terms of our collaboration within the company.